“It's a scapegoat. It’s an excuse.” Tuskegee is by no means a top reason why some Black people are reluctant to get vaccinated.
A group has $250,000 for anyone offering indisputable proof of supernatural abilities. No one yet has been able to claim it.
Photographs by Albert Dros of animals kept on a private preserve outside Dubai.
Advice columns are often celebrated as universal, flawed, temporary—including the advice columns of Martin Luther King, Jr.
The number of babies named Alexa in the US has dropped from 6,052 in 2015 (when Amazon's Echo debuted) to 1,995 in 2019.

“‘It's fine if that's what you're going to do and that's all you're going to do—but I don't want that person to be my accountant,’” he says of the prevailing attitude. “And I feel like that is a big hill to have to climb.”

Interviews with successful content creators (and sex workers) on OnlyFans.

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The latest exit plan for politicians, whether you're Trump or the Obamas: content creators.

A trippy visualization of the internet's evolution. A key to the colors: white is the web's backbone, blue is North America, red is Asia Pacific, yellow is Africa, green is Europe. Dominant network names are located in the lower-left corner.

An extremely small number of people have a genetic mutation that gives them no fingerprints.

To all the people Stanley Tucci has loved before.

It's a Stanley Tucci moment and we're not complaining. A second season of his new travel show, reasons to reminisce about his cocktail routines and lockdown cursing ("just fucking ate it"), so why not a review (admittedly, two years old) of his life's heartbreaks and fondnesses?

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Researchers improve solar panels with capsaicin, whose extra electrons make your chilies hot and panels more efficient.

This is the era of late capitalism, where bigger is always necessarily better, without exception. To the true doom disciple, to listen to a song more times is to enjoy the song more deeply.

From 2015, an homage to playing the same song on repeat in a bar (e.g., “The Boys Are Back in Town”) until you get kicked out.

Indian Muslims are segregated by a decentralized network of police and brokers—and roommates who stereotype them as terrorists.
Why the next wave of boxers are influencers: everyone loves a sideshow, and boxing's always been about business.

You may be sick of hearing about climate change, but if the planet becomes inhospitable to agriculture, it’ll be too late to reduce our cheeseburger consumption—we simply won’t live long enough for it to matter.

Mark Bittman: Small-scale farmers are already bearing the most acute consequences of climate change.

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White paper of the week: Duke University goes to absurd lengths to block other people’s trademark applications.
Stories from community healthcare facilities in rural Mississippi with deep ties to the civil rights movement.
Front offices across baseball swear by a book about cognitive psychology by a winner of the Nobel Prize in economics.

A secret message inside the Perseverance rover’s parachute.

A slogan of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Greater Los Angeles is "Dare Mighty Things," and a French student and his father figured out that it was encoded inside Perseverance's parachute.

A variation on the explanation: